TBS With just over episodes completed, the residents of Cougar Town will lift their last class of vino this Tuesday night. It began life as an ABC show, but the network axed it after just three seasons. Cable network TBS rushed in to save the day and resuscitated the show, carrying it for the last three years. The show was about single mom Jules Cobb Courteney Cox and her dating habits — for about five minutes. The group spent nearly all of their time together and much of that time involved drinking a lot A LOT! A lot of these people were my friends before the show started.

Cougar Town

The prospect of Courteney Cox headlining another network sitcom drew decent enough publicity, with some finding her performance to be strong for awards consideration. However, to some consternation, she failed to receive any recognition by the Emmys, knowledge exacerbated by the realization that she never received acknowledgment for her work on Friends either.

If you don’t follow Community , Danny Pudi’s brief cameo as an extra who looks into the camera and run off appears to be this.

 · Cougar Town Page 1 of 1: Have you seen the new show Cougar Town? What do you all think? Personally, I think the show has a neat concept and there are certainly some good laughs but the writing could definitely be ://

Main cast[ edit ] Courteney Cox as Jules Cobb — a recently divorced, single mother exploring the truths about dating and aging. Jules spent most of her 20s and 30s married to Bobby and raising a son, Travis. Because she has been out of the dating world for a while, Jules discovers it is difficult to find love again. From the end of season 1, she began dating her divorced neighbor Grayson, whom she married in Season 3.

She resides in Gulfhaven, Florida and is a successful real estate agent. A close-up of her driver’s license in a season 2 episode reveals her full first name to be Julia and her birth date to be November 15, age 42 as of that season. Gregarious and optimistic, she’s also an unapologetic anti-intellectual who loves wine and always drinks it out of an oversized, named glass Big Joe, Big Carl, Big Kimo, Big Lou, Big Tippi, Big Sue, and Big Chuck that she quickly replaces once broken.

She is often visited by her father, Chick, who is a widower since his wife, Jules’ mother, died several years prior to the series. An only child, she often struggles with insecurity and abandonment issues. Christa Miller as Ellie Torres — Jules’ feisty next door neighbor and best friend.

‘Cougar Town’ returns on TBS

Slight Cougar Town spoilers follow We attended a cocktail party on the set of the show recently, in honor of the move. Big Joe, penny can and stalky neighbor Tom will all be present and accounted for as we head into the new storylines.

Find out what the cast has been up to since their days at Central Perk. On September 22, , Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were introduced to America on the sitcom Friends.

Add your rating See all 6 kid reviews. When she’s not running her Florida-based real estate business, Jules generally spends her time drinking with friends — a boozy group that includes her assistant Busy Phillips , her married neighbors Christa Miller and Ian Gomez , and, occasionally, her immature ex Brian Van Holt — and finding ways to keep life interesting.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Cougar Town has strayed a long way from its initial premise, in which Cox cheerfully acted out the wince-worthy “cougar” stereotype by chugging martinis, picking up recent college grads, and blathering on about her “coochie cooch. In fact, the best part about Cougar Town’s evolution is that it really has nothing to do with its original title a title so bad that network execs even toyed with the idea of changing it.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about Cougar Town’s take on drinking, particularly when it comes to adult friendships and social situations. Where’s the line between liking to drink with your friends and having a drinking problem? How much is too much? What’s your take on Jules? What are her strengths and weaknesses professionally and personally?

How does she compare as a role model?


The two were first reported to be seeing one another back in after E! News confirmed that the duo were inseparable during a holiday party. The actors stuck by each other’s sides during the TV holiday bash, which took place on a Culver City soundstage, and spent over three hours together. And now it appears the two are spending more time together outside of work.

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Just c’mon up here so I can push you off the roof! Wait, that actually is not big enough. Coffee Bucks has locations coast to coast. Blanket Tug O’ War: Laurie, Jules, and Ellie. Breaking the Fourth Wall: In episode 6 of the third season where Bobby teaches Ellie how to surf, at the end Grayson sings the “They like to surf song”.

Cougar Town recap: The Gong Show

Previously , it ran for three seasons on ABC. The show initially centered around Jules Cobb Cox , a newly divorced year-old mother who tries to get back into the dating game after being out of it for 18 years. However, after roughly five or six episodes , this premise was dropped.

Cougar Town Episode Pilot. Home; News. Main Cast. Courteney Cox as she confronts him about the huge double-standard people have when it comes to divorced men and women dating

And then, of course, the cul-de-sac crew spends most of its time pounding grape drinking wine. Not sure what more you could ask for. Other than another glass of wine. They managed to get in one last title-card joke before closing shop. Finally got the new title!! Apparently, Jules has a tendency to ruin all of her birthdays because her expectations are way too high.

She wants to hear what everyone has to say about her. Did Ross teach you nothing, Monica?! The birthday shenanigans take a backseat to some major life changes shaking up the crew: Ellie and Andy are moving out of the cul-de-sac to get Stan into a better school.

Cougar Town TV Review

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The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Part Two Recap: Behind Frenemy Lines. Fights break out and drinking problems get discussed and denied as the season 10 reunion continues.

More News Grab the wine and wipe those tears! Cougar Town’s sixth and final season is coming to a close, and to celebrate, Courteney Cox and the rest of the cast reminisced about Gulfhaven, Fla. An insider tells Us Weekly that the costars drank up and mingled at the shindig, which was sponsored by Kettle One vodka. Scrubs alum Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke — Scrubs and Cougar Town share many of the same producers and writers — also made an appearance. The night proved to be a special one for star Cox, who was accompanied by fiance Johnny McDaid.

TV shows gone too soon Cox and the Snow Patrol rocker — who got engaged in June — arrived holding hands, the onlooker tells Us. Coordinating in black leather jackets and black boots, they stayed close for most of the night. Some of the party’s highlights included an outside patio filled with collages of the cast and crew, and a video of blooper outtakes. Cox’s current and former loves bonded during the bash. They seem like genuine friends and looked like they were pleased to be catching up,” the insider says.

Philipps, meanwhile, snuck in some time with Cox as the night went on.

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Ironically, he was looking to make her his wife on this show as well. That’s because Jules neglected to tell his character — a billionaire named Sam — that she was already married. In her indefensible defense, she was trying to weasel her way out of the fact that she’d hit his car.

My boyfriend was out of town for work for the weekend and I wanted to find some new show that was cute and fun to watch while he was gone. So I decided to try out Cougar Town.

Amazon Last year, Cougar Town began as a pleasantly amusing sitcom about Jules Courteney Cox , who was dating younger men and not finding much satisfaction in it. From its start, the series had a serious case of previous-show-itis. Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence also created and oversaw Scrubs for seven years, and his new show’s jokes often seemed lifted directly from the old one, dropped into a different setting.

But the show soon addressed these issues, and Cougar Town improved to the point where it was one of TV’s most entertaining comedies. It dropped the idea of Jules constantly dating younger guys and started to focus on the cast as an ensemble. The characters even evolved, particularly Jules’ ex-husband Bobby Brian Van Holt , still carrying a torch, and Laurie Busy Philipps , the younger co-worker with whom Jules developed a mutual grudging respect.

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And that is a lesson in the economics of broadcast network television. Originally, and sadly, the show was hung on the whole “cougar” thing that seemed worth discussing back then — older women dating younger men, though perhaps “dating” isn’t quite the right word. Courteney Cox, for whom the series was created — by Bill Lawrence, who created “Scrubs,” and Kevin Biegel, who worked on it — played a hot fortysomething back on the prowl after a divorce.

But “cougar” as a concept proved to be no more remarkable on television than in life, and after struggling for a while to justify its title, the producers let the original premise go and began to apologize for it instead, posting messages in the opening credits, such as, “New Year’s Resolutions: Upcoming winter TV shows As in “Community,” whose actual, and substantial, heart remained hidden as long as the producers endeavored to make a show about characters with relatively realistic motivations in a relatively realistic setting, “Cougar Town” found its feet when it abandoned itself to the mutual chemistry of its ensemble and just let them hang out and drink.

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The ABC-turned-TBS sitcom said its final goodbyes Tuesday in an episode that faked out its lead character and much of its audience most of the time. She wanted to see what her own funeral would be like just so she could hear her closest friends say the nicest things about her. But her slightly off-handed request was soon overshadowed by an influx of change as Andy Ian Gomez and Ellie Christa Miller prepared to pick up and move so their son could be in a better school while Travis Dan Byrd and Laurie Busy Philipps prepared to head out of state after his wine-delivery business took off.

See more Saying Goodbye: TV Shows Signing Off in Each important member of Jules’ extended family — even Bobby Brian Van Holt , who was back via iPad — took time to tell her just how much she has meant to them over the years. They were tributes fitting for a series finale, but just as the tears started to well, the truth came out:

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