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Collection of modern coat hangers and unusual clothes hanger designs from all over the world. Magnetic Clothes Hangers These cool modern hangers replace the hook with a magnet and are accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangement and display of your clothes. Blow Up Hanger Modern inflatable hangers do not take up lot of space when not in use. Rethink Hanger This unusual product turns two plastic bottles into a clothes hanger. Ninja Star Coat Hook Unusual coat hook worthy of a ninja invasion. Looks like a Ninja Star is embedded into your wall. Skateboard Coat Hanger Hang Up coat hanger is made of coated metal wires with 8 skateboard wheels and bearings. Wooden Clothes Hanger Sold by sets of 5, these hanger hooks require you take a walk in a natural environment to complete the object with some fallen branches. Paper Clip Wall Hook Mount to your wall, and then use the power of a paper clip to hold your coats or hats. Nature Inspired Hanger Beautiful nature-inspired towel hanger for the bathroom.

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Backing – operating the ship’s engine s so that they tend to drive the ship astern. Used primarily in slowing or stopping a ship, and occasionally to make it go backwards. Backing down – same as backing, above. Bad shit – a situation, or a collection of material, etc. Ballast tanks – double bottoms for carrying water ballast and capable of being flooded or pumped out at will. Balls to the wall – maximum speed, or maximum effort.

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The law is named after 17th-century British physicist Robert Hooke. He first stated the law in as a Latin anagram. Hooke states in the work that he was aware of the law already in Hooke’s equation holds to some extent in many other situations where an elastic body is deformed, such as wind blowing on a tall building, a musician plucking a string of a guitar, and the filling of a party balloon.

An elastic body or material for which this equation can be assumed is said to be linear-elastic or Hookean. Hooke’s law is only a first-order linear approximation to the real response of springs and other elastic bodies to applied forces. It must eventually fail once the forces exceed some limit, since no material can be compressed beyond a certain minimum size, or stretched beyond a maximum size, without some permanent deformation or change of state.

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The only real difference is the look. Some prefer black to green. It will help you gain control of your surroundings especially in new places.

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Tools In my experience, 1 can only get you so far. So the solution is probably tools. In your case, the obstacle is Subversion. That will allow every developer to work on their own branch without the merge nightmares of Subversion. Every once in a while, a developer will mark a feature or branch as “complete”.

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Design and animation The Evil Queen’s early designs. In the early stages of design, the Queen was drawn as a fat, frumpy, comical character, in the style of the characters of the Silly Symphonies. The Fleisher Betty Boop short Snow White, which, like much of Fleisher’s work, had probably been studied by Disney’s animators, also has a fat, ugly Queen. However, when Albert Hurter introduced a more realistic style of character design to the Disney animators, it was ultimately decided that the Queen should be more beautiful, regal, cold and sinister, creating a much scarier character than had ever been attempted in animation before.

Rather than a comical villain, she became a femme fatale, a type of character with which the Disney artists would have been familiar, through the silent screen; at the same time she is a figure from ancient Europe, viewed by American audiences in the s as a symbol of not only charm and elegance, but also decadence and self-destruction. The Queen’s costume is rumored to be based on that worn by Helen Gahagan in the film She, though animator Art Babbit and other Disney artists have denied this.

At a meeting on October 30, , Disney suggested that the papier mache masks by Art Deco illustrator Vladislav Theodor Benda an influence on Joe Grant ‘s work be used as inspiration for the Queen’s face. Her ‘Hollywood mask’ of a face may also draw inspiration from Joan Crawford , particularly in the lips and eyes. The Queen’s costume and general silhouette may have been inspired by a column statue at Naumburg Cathedral depicting Uta, wife of the Margrave of Meissen.

There are also facial similarities to George de Feure’s La Femme au chapeau noir Babbit based the Queen on “all of the women I’ve ever known”, and noted that, while the animation of the Queen relied, to an extent, on live-action footage, he felt the need to ‘caricature’ and ‘invent’ in order to justify the medium of animation; the animation was not rotoscoped as the Prince ‘s was.

Concept art of the Witch offering the poisoned apple to Snow White. The Witch resembles hags in European illustrations of fairy tales, in particular Arthur Rackham’s illustration for Hansel and Gretel; a similar character was used in the Silly Symphonies short Babes in the Woods.

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Cordia moluccana, Cordia orientalis Common names: Sea trumpet, beach cordia Dhivehi names: Common; found in all the islands of the Maldives. An attractive medium sized, evergreen tree that is capable of growing up to 15 m. Canopy is broad and dense and may spread 8 to 10 m across, often as wide as the height of the tree. Bark is brown or grey, shallowly fissured and flaky.

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Avoid conifers; their sticky sap will gum up your tools, and get pine pitch on anything you hang on them. To choose good stock, look for wood that is inches in diameter, with branches that are about a third to a quarter of the diameter of the main piece. Most of the branches will fork off about 45 degrees upward, which is perfect for your hook. Harvest wood for the hook. Use a good pair of loping shears or a small pruning saw to harvest the wood for the hooks.

If the finished size is going to be 4 to 5 inches long, cut an inch section of wood. If you come across a good bunch of branches, keep cutting blanks until you run out of arms to carry them. Step 2 Step 2: Secure blank in vise. Put your blank tree branch in a vise with the prong of the hook pointing straight down. A woodworking vise like this one allows you to get a good view of your work so you can make sure the branch that will be the hook is pointing straight down.

Step 3 Step 3: Mark off the backside to be cut away. A standard compass will work well to mark off a line to cut in order to create a flat back for your hook.

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The Settings Dialog, General Page This dialog allows you to specify your preferred language, and the Git-specific settings. Language Selects your user interface language. What else did you expect? Only languages of installed LanguagePacks are listed. You can download language packs on the TortoiseGit download page or help translating. Automatically check for newer versions every week If checked, TortoiseGit will contact its download site once a week to see if there is a newer version of the program available.

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Kresge turnaround and specific spots near Kresge Oval Locations that can’t be used Killian Court can no longer be reserved by DLCs to have barbecues and similar events Sloan School prohibits the use of charcoal and propane in all of their outdoor event spaces. The President’s Garden can’t be used because it is surrounded by Bldgs. Any area at MIT that is near an air intake, which could draw smoke into a building and set off the fire alarm. Also the lighter fluid fumes VOCs and carbon monoxide will be pulled into a building air intake and cause adverse reactions.

Remove grease or fat buildup from the grills and in drip trays. If you use charcoal lighter fluid, do not add more after the charcoal has been ignited. The fire could flash back and burn you. Self-starting charcoal is another option. Do not use lighter fluid if the fumes could be pulled into a building air intake because this often causes adverse reactions.

When you finish cooking Drench the coals with water and leave the coals in the grill until the next day or at least several hours. Dispose of the coals in the metal trash can, which Grounds Services can provide. Store excess supplies safely Put lighter fluid in a flammable storage cabinet Put unused charcoal briquettes in an airtight container metal is best and keep away from any heat source A Cambridge Fire Dept.

A propane tank with a capacity of 42 pounds 10 gallons or more, or for use of 2 or more pieces of cooking equipment, regardless of propane tank capacity. Your caterer will be frying with oil or other higher risk cooking If your rain plan is to have your caterer cook under a tent The Fire Department may check if the safety precautions are being taken and if a signed MIT Barbecue Application is on site during the barbecue.

The Evil Queen

Design and animation The Evil Queen’s early designs. In the early stages of design, the Queen was drawn as a fat, frumpy, comical character, in the style of the characters of the Silly Symphonies. The Fleisher Betty Boop short Snow White, which, like much of Fleisher’s work, had probably been studied by Disney’s animators, also has a fat, ugly Queen.

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License Introduction git-notifier is a script to be used with git as a post-receive hook. Once installed, it emails out a summary of all changes each time a user pushes an update to the repository. Different from other similar scripts, git-notifier sends exactly one email per change, each of which includes a complete diff of all modifications as well as the set of branches from which the new revision can be reached. The scripts ensure that that each change is mailed out only exactly once by keeping a state file of already reported revisions.

Here’s example of a git-notifier mail: Adding www target to Makefile. Sun Dec 19 If a commit message contains [nodiff], the generated mail will not include a diff. If a commit message contains [nomail], no mail will be send for that change. Download The current release is git-notifier 0. Installation The basic installation is simple: As that’s usually not the desired recipient, an alternative email address can be specified via command line or git options, see the mailinglist option below.

Usage git-notifier supports the options below. Options can be either set on the command line, by editing a configuration file, or on a per-repository basis via git config hooks.

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In particular, King George V wished to create an Order to honour many thousands of those who had served in a variety of non-combatant roles during the First World War. When first established, the Order had only one division. However, in , soon after its foundation, it was formally divided into Military and Civil Divisions.

Tree Branch Coat Hook – 46 results from brands Coaster Furniture, Worldwide, ACME, products like Sauder Office Furniture Black Twig Coat Tree – , Stonebriar Decorative Bird on a Tree Branch Wall Hook, Antique Rust Finish, For Coats, Hats, Towels, Keys, and Much More, Indoor or Outdoor, Tree Branch Coat Rack Jacket Hook Hall Stand Living Room Display Home Decor New.

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