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Who Made M1 Garands? How Many Were Made? When Were They Made? Thus began manufacture of what was to become the greatest production effort in the long history of Springfield Armory. A program for developing increased production capacity had been adopted in , and by January of the Armory was producing rifles per day. By January this number had risen to 1, per day. Production peaked in January with , M1s produced that month.

A Look at the CMP Special Grade M1 Garand at the SHOT Show

Edit The story of the first semi-automatic rifle ever widely-adopted as a standard military arm began after the end of the First World War , when the firearms inventor John C. Garand Canadian born, then American citizen began to develop a semi-automatic self-loading, gas operated service rifle. This new rifle, was designed to replace the Springfield rifle, as well as required to outshoot and outperform all existing bolt action rifles in the world.

Garand worked at the government-owned Springfield armory and during the s and early developed a number of designs.

How to date an M1 Garand. This example is a fine piece of craftsmanship, You can see uh, let’s start with uh, dating the m1 uh, uh, uh. gureno19 Год

They often have parts for M1 Garands for sale. In the past, they have also sold M2 Ball ammo. It is a congressionally mandated program administered by the US Army to promote marksmanship. Also check for the closest rifle club in your area that hosts CMP rifle matches which should be listed at the CMP web site. They normally shoot the National Match Course of fire with service rifles. While the M1 is still used in these matches, the match grade AR rifles now rule the roost, but shooting an M1, M1a or AR is a fun way to spend the day.

If you like to shoot, there is no better way to do it with your new M1. The course of fire is usually 10 rounds standing at yards, 10 rounds sitting rapid fire 2 and 8 in 60 seconds at yards, 10 rounds rapid fire 2 and 8 in 70 seconds at yards prone position, and finally 20 rounds prone slowfire 1 minute per round at or yards depending on the facilities at the rifle range.

Ranges that only have a yard distance will shoot the reduced course which is the same course of fire, but with target sizes reduced to simulate their apperance at , and yards at yards. Most soldiers and marines that used the M1 in WWII and Korea learned their skill on similar courses of fire, so once mastered, you will have a much closer kinship with your M1 and its role in history.

As Stand Watie noted above, most collectors soon find that there are virtually no un-rebuilt M1 Garands extant, but many aficionados will go to great lengths to obtain the proper parts with the proper draw numbers to rebuild their rifles to an original condition.

Buying an M1 Garand from the CMP

The rifle was sold by the CMP in March The walnut stock is nicely figured and hand guards are in excellent condition, with SA open box cartouche, RA, and proof P in a circle on the stock. This is an excellent condition example that never needs to be upgraded. The name and address are hidden in photos, but are intact on the originals. I received this rifle for consignment sale from the original buyer; he assured me that he has changed nothing on the rifle since purchase.

He did clean and oil the stock.

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The results from the Mini were more than impressive during realistic testing. Based on my research, I had found that Jeff Cooper hailed the as an excellent all around scout round which had proven itself through history. Even at yards the and 7. On the other side of the equation, the 7. The gun has been reviewed and re-reviewed probably s of times since its introduction. The Mini was hugely popular, especially after the A-Team saved the day proudly tooting stainless Mini s with folding stocks.

 · M1 draw numbers and manufacture dates for small parts List if M1 Garand Draw numbers and manufacture dates These figures are approxomite, from inspecting known correct examples and compairing to varioius reference materials mainly from Scott Duff, Jim Thompson, and ~aleccorapinski/idhtml.

These competitions are probably the most significant and longest running high caliber competitions in the United States. These are fine rifles in their own right and entire industries have been set up to equip shooters and make them ready for a Service Rifle match. But venturing out in the firearms world and building a match grade M1 Garand or M14 can be costly. This is where the CMP makes a huge difference. The CMP was created in to help civilians become active in the shooting sports and has been running a program where they take surplus rifles that the Armed Forces have discontinued, and sell them back to the public for excellent prices.

Because the M14 was mostly made with a selector switch, and service M16s are either all automatic or burst, the CMP cannot sell these surplus rifles to the public. As of now there is no full auto to semi automatic conversion program in place. Ironically, when the author visited the store there were far more drill rifles on sale than functioning rifles.

M1 GARAND For Sale

Joking aside, I do absolutely admire those collectors out there who go the extra mile in identifying and keeping the historical details of firearms alive for future generations. Especially when they are also good writers and publish the information they have painstakingly gained over a lifetime of firearms collecting experience.

With that in mind, I came across this online database that anyone can submit information about their M1 Garand to. The M1 has an almost cult like following among the collector group in the United States.

 · the Garand that was a complete departure from earlier bayonets. Just as the M4 bayonet was essentially a WWII M3 Trench Knife modified into an M1 Carbine bayonet, the M5 bayonet was an

Collecting the American Sniper Rifle to by Joe Poyer A quick search of Ebay for anything related to sniper rifles—telescopic sights, mounts, manuals, cases, etc. The “chat rooms” are full of misinformation because there is very little reference material available. Collecting the American Sniper Rifle, to provides accurate information that will allow the collector to determine whether or not a particular rifle or telescopic part—or other accessory—is correct.

The book provides a detailed description of The books also contains a history of the development of each particular sniper rifle and telescopic sight. Its mounting on the rifle and sighting in are described in detail.

Gun Review: US Rifle, Caliber , M1 (M1 Garand)

Beretta designed and built the production machinery they used for M1 production in house, and had never done so beforehand. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk By the ‘s Springfield Armory was a completely inept organization; hopelessly stuck in their old ways and completely unwilling to change for anyone. They fought the DOD for a long time and rather than getting things their way, they were shut down in

If you are like me, owning an M1 Garand goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. It is about owning a piece of history that protected our freedoms and won a world war. Deemed the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man

There are also hardcore garand collectors who have these,and some will match a stock to reciever date corresponding to the inspectors initials during that run of weapons for a fee. Dont ask me who specifically,but this is known to be done. Everything about the M1 is known and documented as to who did what and when as far as the govt arsenals. The parts have drawing revision numbers IIRC that go with a certain timeframe. You find a barrel,look it up for its recievers serial number range,and search for that peice.

IIRC,The range for a date could be thousands of guns as they made hundreds of thousands of these things. I have one suspect example, a “rare” [JLG] garand made between ww2 and korea,these are said to be the finest machined of all because there wasnt war production going on. The stock cartouche is perfect,too perfect-fresh and deep.

Most stamp strikes into the wood go on uneven,meaning heavier on one side than the other. With so many stocks to stamp,the armorers didnt take their time to make em look nice,they just wacked it on. Otherwise everything else checks out against Scott Duffs Garand book,and I didnt pay

U.S. To Import 87, M1 Garand Rifles from Korea

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Knife bayonet for use on the caliber. 30–06 U.S. M1 Garand rifle. The USA provided , M1 Rifles to Greece between and under the Military Assistance Program. All parts should be checked out by a qualified Gunsmith before ://

Many of you know I have an uncureable attraction to M1 Garands, but messing with them I still run into things I am not sure of. The stock on this Garand is of a different wood than I am use to, or maybe cut differently. It has some very detailed and pretty wood grain that does not show well in the picture. It is a military stock, posibly a replacement stock, but not one I am familar with. The boxed “P” instead of the circled “P”.

The stamped numbering on top of the handgrip. The lettering on the side appears to be a unit or individual level. The stock also has a thicker feel to it than what I am use to. This is a CMP rifle. I would imagine CMP ended up with parts and stocks from these rifles when they processed them. I am not sure, but wondering if that maybe the source of this stock. Parts on Garands have always been interchanged when they are broken down and serviced, both in their service life and when CMP grades, guages and services them.

surplus ammo for M1 Garand

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. You may dispose of curios and relics to any person, not otherwise prohibited by the Gun Control Act of , residing within your state, and to any other Federal firearms licensee in any state. It must be emphasized that the collector’s license being applied for pertains exclusively to firearms classified as curios and relics, and its purpose is to facilitate a personal collection.

 · The M1 Garand was the predecessor to the M1A and the M14 rifle, which replaced it. Ruger produces the Mini rifle, which utilizes a reduced-size operating rod system and a gas system designed for smaller

That is the US Rifle, Caliber. Here are a couple of examples. Springfield Armory also returned to Garand production in the s. It came into use late in However, after the war, M1s turned in for refurbishing were retro-fitted with T E1 sights. Of course all three of those rear sights were aperture types. They were not, albeit all their parts were interchangeable. The government manufacturer began M1 production with forged triggerguards but by early began making stamped ones.

Throughout production, Winchester forged triggerguards for their M1s.

My 1943 Issued M1 Garand