Installing HardiPlank Fiber Cement Siding

We used a couple of home-made spacer sticks for guides. I cut this stick on a bandsaw, but a jig saw or plain ol’ hand saw works just fine. It helps to be precise I simply placed the “hook” under the previous siding plank, and rested the new board on top of the stick. These tools work a little differently, so read Amazon’s reviews before choosing your product. I did much of this siding installation by myself, but when I have a helper, two people can quickly: Nailing Fiber Cement Siding: HardiPlank can be blind nailed where the nails are hidden by the siding or face nailed. We blind nailed the siding and face nailed any loose-feeling areas with stainless steel ring-shank siding nails.

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Boards Manager makes it easy for users to install and keep Boards files up to date. When you create a new version it will automatically be shown as an update option in Boards Manager. You can see how others have implemented Boards Manager install support at the Unofficial list of 3rd party boards support urls. Adding Boards Manager install support requires two files to be made available online:

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It does not require extensive anchoring to the floor area. In fact, only a few anchor braces must be installed to secure your cabinets in place. The result is a perfectly functional set of cabinets. A new kitchen can be installed on a concrete floor. Step 1 Mark off the cabinet installation area on the floor with a pencil.

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When working with a particle board subfloor, there are some limitations to what floor you can install and how you can install it. This is because particle board is more moisture sensitive than other subfloor materials and because of its construction will not hold a staple or nail. As with any subfloor, you first need to make sure the particle board is in good condition.

The subfloor should be even and there should not be any major cracks or deterioration. Once you have insured the particle is in good condition you are able to install any floating type flooring, engineered hardwood , strand woven bamboo or eucalyptus , laminate or cork , over the particle board. The reason floating installations work and are the best suited for installation over a particleboard subfloor, is because a floating floor is not secured to the subfloor in any area. You can learn more about different installation types in our Which installation method is best for my project?

Another possible installation option for a particle board subfloor is the glue down installation.

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Installing a gypsum board wall in your home allows you to give it an excellent finish. The sheetrock wall can be screwed into the wall very simply, and with a gypsum board wall, you can do this in a few hours, or as little time as it takes to get the wall into position. Measuring the Gypsum Board Wall To correctly install the gypsum board, you will need to carefully measure and cut the board. Measure the board using a regular tape measure, taking care to calculate the lengths of both the middle and each side of the board.

You should also begin with a straight edge, perhaps at the bottom, which will allow you to cut the board correctly. The board should then be cut with a craft knife two-thirds of the way through the board, and then the gypsum should be broken off by breaking the material along the board.

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They are a common item in electronic projects and enable easy, clean installation of electronic devices. The image at right shows a simple DB25 breakout circuit board from Winford Engineering. The breakout board is positioned between your computer or indexer and the motor drivers and serves two purposes in the CNC control system: Your wiring schematic would look something like the following: The illustration above shows a block diagram for a stepper motor CNC control system.

At right we will see four conductors between the driver and the motor. These wires correspond to the coils inside the motor that are energized to coordinate rotation. Remember, there would be six wires for each stepper if you had unipolar motors and you could have as many as eight wires. For a more information on motors, please click here.

Inside the controller box, we see a direction signal and a step signal being distributed from the breakout cirrus board to each driver. A common ground line is distributed in the same fashion. A power source also distributes power to each driver. Note that there is no power to the board in this system. At left, there are three signal pairs coming from the computer, one for each stepper, and a ground line for the return as indicated by the small black line under the three pairs of signal wires.

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You should see your recently uploaded extension listed under “Disabled Extensions”. Simply click its “Enable” button and installation is complete! Updating an Extension Updating an extension is a simple process that can be completed in a few simple steps with minimal disruption to your board. The following steps assume you have already downloaded and un-zipped a new version of an existing extension running on your board. Disable Disabling an extension will effectively turn it off, removing it from your board.

If the extension is critical to your board’s functionality, it would be safest to disable your board before performing this update process.

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Preparing The Bluetooth Connection In Windows Metal surfaces under or frames very near your e-Board may reduce the sensitivity of the board. Please do not place the e-Board on a metal table or a table with metal construction beneath or beside it. Page 5 In the previous picture a DGT e-Board with serial number is already installed and connected via Bluetooth.

Your e-Board however still needs to set-up the wireless Bluetooth connection. Make sure that the DGT e-board is powered up and not too far from your computer. With some e-Boards a pairing code may be presented to you. See the next picture, which is an example of a pre-defined pairing code. Both pairing options can be used. Page 7 To check the properties of the e-Board select: You will find your DGT Chessboard listed there. In this case the e-Board serial number is: A COM port number will be assigned to it.

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How to Hookup an Analog Mixer To a Soundcard or Audio Interface by Tweak So many newbs think you need to connect the main outs to a soundcard and can monitor off the control room outs too. Enjoying that high pitched whine every time you want to record? You are getting it because you hooked up the mixer improperly. Here’s some better ways. First with a cheap mixer which I don’t recommend and second, with a mixer with an alt bus or direct outs required if you are serious!

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Hearty Hangers are made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel and come equipped with a precision tooled stainless steel cam which holds the clamp snug on a course of siding, say the starter course. The next board of siding is then placed in the brackets of the pair of Hearty Hangers, which have been placed about 10ft apart to receive the 12ft board. Once the board has been caulked and butted in place, the initial fasteners can be applied – one at each end, one in the middle – the cams can be loosened and the Hearty Hangers removed from behind the loosely held board.

This enables one person to do a two person job – or, while one man of a team continues to fasten off that board, the other man can re-position the Hearty Hangers and place the next board. This system provides an extra pair of hands, eliminates the need for measuring for each board’s lap space or the need for snapping lines. For the home owner who wants to hang his own siding this system is ideal. For the contractor with multiple buildings to side this system is a real saver.

There are two options for purchasing “Hearty Hangers”

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Flashing is an important line of defense in controlling moisture in wall assemblies. Flashing intercepts and directs the flow of water away from the building to designed drainage paths. Install horizontal flashing extending from the top of all wall penetrations ie all windows and doors and at any material or material directional change ie.

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But I also wonder how the installers got the tile to look so beautiful. Every tile job begins with the substrate, e. With that said, there are some tips that make the final steps of cement board installation less frustrating. Cement Board Installation on Side Wall Cement board panels come in sizes that accommodate the bathtub recess. In our case we bought 32 inch by 5 ft panels. Then, Rob cut out the existing drywall with a Bosch oscillating multi-tool.

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