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Georgetown Becomes Colonial — Reborn at March 14th, Tip: Click any image in the article to view that image at a larger size. Georgetown, founded in , had been incorporated into the District of Columbia when the federal capital moved to the Potomac in November of The very use of the name was contentious for years and the area was redubbed West Washington. Georgetowners worked to be a part of the expansion of Washington. A major objective was better connection to the rest of Washington across Rock Creek.

Fuel powered lanterns

It is solely meant to be used with kerosene ONLY. Failure to observed this by substituting anything more volatile than that of kerosene into one of these lanterns Petromax inc. Check the historical postings between the “so-called” multifuel claims by “Britelyt” distributors in US a couple of years ago and you shall know why While white gas lantern may seeming produce more CO than that of kero pressurised lanterns on the surface aka “waltonfeed site , in reality, the difference the 2 in CO production is not that huge both produce CO.

Kero, on the other hand, does produce a rather “distinctive” afterburn smell that some folks find it to be somewhat offensive including yours-truely and shall not be used in an enclosed area.


Anders Leonard Zorn Swedish, , etching, figure in a fur coat, signed in plate l. Alphonse Legros, British, , two framed and glazed prints: Collection of 19th c. Honore Daumier prints, from “Le Charivari”, social satires and character studies, loose-leaf, approximately 35 in a folder. Louis Vuitton trunk, padded interior, partial label on interior back of bottom section, leather interior straps, two interior fitted boxes, cloth covered with wood strap reinforcements, brass hallmarked rivets and corners, brass side handles, shipping labels, fair to good overall condition, 13″ h, 44″ l, 22″ d.

Oriental rug, Persian, brown field with red geometric floral, four borders, 6′ x 12′. Oriental rug, Hamadan runner, red field with blue florets, 2′ 8″ x 15′. Oriental rug, Persian silk scatter, purple central medallion, 4′ x 6′. Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, , etching, Self portrait with Saskia, Bartsch 19, signed and dated , 4. Johann Heinrich Roos , pencil drawing of reclining ram, signed l.

Oil on panel, northern New England landscape, barns and red house and rolling hills with mountains in background, signed l. Andrews”, original frame, 22″ x 27″. New England, maple, pencil post canopy bed, octagonal head posts, fluted foot posts, pine headboard in red stain, older refinished condition, with flat pine canopy, 88″ h, 74″ l, 58″ w. Two 11″ x 14″ photographs of child actress Shirley Temple at a dinner with Maurice J.

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What Matters to Me and Why. Stanford University Memorial Church, noon. June June

Since that time the R.E. Dietz Company manufactured hundreds of lantern models, and pioneered the automotive lighting industry. It is the purview of this compendium to focus only on their kerosene, signal oil, and acetylene powered products.

Typical Light-House Establishment oiler or lamp While sitting here sorting through some old papers, I came across a letter from a dealer written in , offering me a 9 inch plate with the turquoise insignia of the US. After thinking for less than a few seconds I of course phoned him to accept his kind offer. Light-House Establishment oil can markings An area of considerable interest continues to be U. A countless variety of items were produced over the years, most being manufactured in the General Light-House Depot at Staten Island.

In addition to lamps and burners, brassware included oil measures in five sizes from one gill up to one gallon as well as a graduated one gallon measure. Brass cans included 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 gallon sizes, bulk transfer cans, lamp filling cans in two sizes and more. Lighthouse Service oil can markings c. As I mentioned, by far most of these items were manufactured by the metal-smiths at the lamp shop in the Staten Island Depot and were always of the finest quality.

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Essence Of Women, The: Produced for the Season. Directed by Randolph Carter. Billed with “The Troubadour,” “Delusions” and “Mrs. Book by Bertolt Brecht.

Sep 07,  · I finally decided to finally buy a couple good lanterns to go with the four “cheap” Wal-Mart” lanterns I already have. I spent a lot of time looking and I decided to go with three of the Dietz #8 Air Pilot Cold Blast Lanterns.

The lantern frame shows brown patina and some pitting but is overall straight and complete. The bell on this lantern is not original to the lantern however it appears to match nicely and may have been attached for quite some time. The under side of the lid shows pitting and a reattachment of the thumb latch wire but no pin holes to the naked eye. The globe is a clear extended base globe with a wheel cutting mark of McL.

No cracks and only very minor rim chipping. These extremely early and rare western brass tops aren’t getting any easier to find and this one, if completely original would be prized at twice the asking price as there are less than 5 of this early Santa Fe marked model known to exist in collections today. Completing this lantern with a correct matching bell may take some time, but even as is, this surviving example embodies one of the most historic periods in American history.

It is one of the few surviving artifacts of the frontier, used to push the bounds of American civilization West across the great prairies to the Pacific coast.

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Bram Stoker’s Notes for Dracula: A phenomenological approach seemed most appropriate when dealing with this fascinating text. What that means according to the field’s founder German philosopher Edmund Husserl , is that one brackets one’s and everybody else’s presuppositions, and experiences the object of one’s intentionality as directly as possible. In my case this was Bram Stoker’s Notes for Dracula.

This line of reasoning lead me to a popular song I first heard nearly four decades ago, as a way of relating my experience as I spent the better part of several days working my way through it.

In the days before city lights and GPS, railroad lanterns served a very important purpose: they communicated signals at night between trains and mes, a timely lantern was a life-or-death illumination.

Many of the old lamps and lanterns look like they are in good condition on the outside, but the inside will most likely need to be cleaned. Kerosene is not a volatile fuel such as gasoline, but it does precipitate a waxy deposit that gums up the lanterns and wicks, and when burned they are sooty and smelly. To restore them to like new condition on the inside, the lanterns or lamps must have the waxy deposits removed. The easiest way to do that is to fill them with gasoline, let them sit overnight, then swish around the gasoline and pour it out.

Let the lamp dry, replace the wick, and you are in business. The best way to clean a fount is to boil for a couple of hours in hot water, detergent and a brush, and this will often do the trick. In fact, if you have a stuck burner or other part, the boiling will soften the residue in threads and enable the lamp to be taken apart. Most wax varieties melt at approximately F. Hot water from a tea kettle is about F. Drain any kerosene from the lamp, fill with boiling water and detergent, let it sit for a few minutes, then pour it out on a gravel driveway if possible – anyplace but a sink, where the wax can harden and clog the plumbing.

It takes 4 or 5 treatments with boiling water to get most of waxy deposits removed, and a final boiling water bath and cleaning with a long, thin brush will often remove any remaining wax. With Dietz style railroad lanterns, cleaning gets more tricky. The side supports on these lanterns were designed for a purpose:

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Each open house offers activities for children and the Country Store has a changing array of unusual and educational items for gifts or souvenirs of your visit. All events are on Sundays from 1: Admission is free but donations are welcome. March 11, , 1: Most were owned or managed by women and in the s especially, tea rooms became the fashionable places for women to meet friends in small towns, big cities and suburbs.

Historic interpreter Maureen OConnor Leach will take on the voice of a matron who is planning to open a Tea Room and will provide the audience with a view into the challenges faced by women who were stepping out of the home and into the business world.

At age 22, in , Robert Edwin Dietz bought a small lamp and oil shop in Brooklyn, NY. Robert, with his brother William, called the company Dietz, Brother and Company. One of their first.

Knowing law, and knowing how to find the law, is an asset that can pay off handsomely in many areas, as famous people in all walks of life have discovered. So don’t give up all of those youthful fantasies! Anthony Bradney’s essay “Raising the Drawbridge: Defending University Law Schools” examines the importance of legal study.

What other than your textbooks should you read while in law school, in order to keep up your ability to talk to non-lawyers? The eminent scholar John Wigmore had some suggestions. If you really get interested in this subject, remember that a lot of very interesting information is not on the Internet; consult the library for more reading suggestions. They may have taken law degrees to pay the bills, or because they liked law, but they also honed the legal skills that allowed them to shine in other areas.

Dietz Victor Hot Blast Kerosene Lantern with Fitall Globe