5 WWE women wrestlers you didn’t know were dating fellow Superstars

Early life[ edit ] Rena Greek was born in Jacksonville, Florida. The storyline started when Marc Mero witnessed Sable being mistreated by Helmsley backstage, so Mero attacked Helmsley and took Sable as his manager. Between and the time he returned from his injury in , Sable became popular on her own. Sable delivered a superkick to Goldust and executed a “Sable Bomb”, a version of the powerbomb , on Luna. She also delivered a TKO and pinned Luna to finish the match, with the crowd chanting Sable’s name in the background. Sable then kicked him in the groin and delivered a Sable Bomb to get revenge.

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Cassandra Lee, the company’s founder and madame of fetish clubs past, describes the Beat Down Girls as an athletic “girl gang” that champions the physical, mental and sexual superiority of women over their estrogen-challenged cohorts — and aren’t afraid to get in the ring to prove it. For those out of the professional fighting loop, this event involved “mixed fighting,” meaning men and lady folk in the ring, together, mixing sweat and guff and grunts. One catch is, the ladies always come out on top — each fight is thrown to the fairer sex to propagate an illusion of impervious female strength.

Literally, the champion would, in the immortal words of Mortal Kombat, “finish him” by digging a dainty foot into a helpless lad’s ribs and flash her biceps for the crowd.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson (born May 2, ), also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler.

Share this article Share However Rollins offered no explanation for how the images came to be posted on his account and did not respond to comments that his account had been hacked. When a fan suggested Schultz could also have been hacked because she never used Twitter, she responded: They were also uploaded to the official WWE page which links to Rollins’ social media accounts. Rollins offered no explanation as to how this picture of Zahra Schreiber appeared on his Instagram account The wrestler’s fiancee appeared to retaliate to the pictures by posting these naked photos of Rollins online Despite the apology Rollins has yet to explain how he came to have the pictures.

They were posted with the misspelt name Zahara and an emoji with hearts for eyes. The images attracted the attention of Schultz who then appeared to retaliate with her own posts featuring Rollins and the misspelled name ‘Zaharah? Joking about messages that may have been exchanged between Rollins and Schreiber, she said: Rollins and Schultz pictured together left, while, right, Rollins, one of the WWE’s top stars, grapples with John Cena in the ring in November last year Share or comment on this article:

Dating a Professional Wrestler

Everybody knew you as the wife of a famous man, Everybody who knew said, “There goes Dixon’s girl again. This is an insidious trope where a female character’s success is undermined by the narrative of a male character providing advantages necessary for them. She’s usually framed as someone’s sister, girlfriend or love interest. And if she’s a military or political leader of some sort, then you can bet that she got the position with help from her father or another male relative.

Who is he dating right now? Kimberly Randy Orton is a 38 year old American Wrestler. Born Randall Keith Orton on 1st April, in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, he is famous for WWE Superstar. His zodiac sign is Aries. But a naturally pretty woman, good to .

Email Copy Link Copied Real life romance in pro wrestling is a juicy aspect of the business that the fan base enjoys reading about. The world of wrestlers dating each other features bitter breakups, speculation of new love interests and dramatic love triangles. Because of our thirst for these stories and due to how many of the stories unfold, it forces the promotion to make it an on-screen storyline.

The story of Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita basically summarizes how big a story can get and how ugly things can become. The company fired Hardy for threatening Edge, fans chanted for Hardy during any segments involving Edge or Lita and the WWE was forced to bring back Hardy to face Edge on television in the most awkward match of all time. This is the perfect example as to why many believe wrestlers should not date within the business. Not all relationships are doomed and many work out for the better.

AJ Lee, Naomi and Maxine currently Catrina on Lucha Underground have all become big stars in various ways but Kaitlyn was the one to win the competition. Kaitlyn achieved great success in a short time as Divas Champion and with a memorable feud against Lee before retiring early. She currently works in the fitness world with her boyfriend and never dabbled in the dating world with other male wrestlers. Kaitlyn avoided the dirt sheet drama by not getting romantically involved at work and she seems much happier for it today.

WWE even tried to portray her like that with the exaggerated stories told on the Total Divas reality show. Summer is never in the rumor mill or involved with any romantic drama like many of her co-workers.

It’s Not The Size Of This Sumo Wrestler That’s Stunning : NPR

With a slow and assured swagger that defies his aging body, Edingwe Moto na Ngenge, the most decorated Congolese wrestler of all time, steps into the ring. At about six-foot-six and more than pounds, with a prominent brow, deep-set eyes, a mohawk and a large dragon tattoo across the left side of his chest, he cuts an imposing figure. Edingwe, whose moniker, Moto na Ngenge, translates to Man of Great Power, struts back and forth across the ring with his shoulders thrown back, stamping his feet and contorting his face into grotesque expressions, toying with his opponent and whipping his loyal fans into a frenzy.

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Professional wrestling career[ edit ] Early career — [ edit ] Urai, working originally as a graphic designer , decided to find a new career in professional wrestling after becoming a fan of the likes of Keiji Mutoh , Satoru Sayama , Yoshiaki Fujiwara , Antonio Inoki , Akira Maeda , Nobuhiko Takada , Masakatsu Funaki , Volk Han and Minoru Suzuki. S its first title. S held its first self-produced event in nine months, which saw Kana and Mio Shirai wrestle Arisa Nakajima and Ayako Hamada in a main event tag team match.

S, with their final self-produced independent event taking place in early S’ final independent event before officially dissolving the partnership, which featured a main event tag team match, where Kana and Arisa Nakajima defeated Shirai and Kayoko Haruyama. Later, she defeated Mia Yim in her first match for the promotion.

Osaka, Kana submitted Makoto again, this time in a singles match. Brooklyn event in Brooklyn, New York , [ ] Rumours about her having signed with WWE [ ] [ ] were soon confirmed [ ] at a press conference on September 8 in Tokyo. Respect , Asuka defeated Dana. London , Asuka defeated Emma.

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It is tradition within professional wrestling that wrestlers have their ring gear with them at virtually all times, as they truly never know when they will be called upon to perform. Being unprepared to do so is not an option. Gabby Ortiz, 22, is no different. Her job funds her wrestling habit.

Paige then spotted the Rosebuds and hauled off a woman wearing a Lollipop Guild outfit. Which NXT Wrestler Is Ricochet Dating? Ricochet is now dating a fellow NXT wrestler PWPIX | November 24, WWE’s List Of Banned Words, Samoa Joe Is Ready To .

I had no idea when I met my fiance that he was a professional wrestler. At that time, he was a punk rock kid in a band. That impression would soon change. I had been to pro wrestling shows before, of course, at Madison Square Garden and the like. The world of indy wrestling, however, is completely different. The way I have always described indy wrestling to anyone who asks is:

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Jim Breaks has an altercation with cops after returning to his flat Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Shackled wrestling legend Jim Breaks grappled with two burly Spanish cops as he returned to the flat where his former partner was found in a ‘serious condition’ – before she later died in hospital. The ex-TV star got into an altercation with the two officers as he was bundled into a car after being hauled out of prison and taken back to his sunshine home.

The rumor initially gained steamed on social media after a fan who met Paige at the theme park claimed on Facebook that they were holding hands while pushing Del Rio’s child in a stroller.

The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images There’s only one country where it’s practiced professionally, and there’s probably only one country where it could be practiced. Sitting somewhere at the intersection of the deeply held Japanese belief in bushido — a gentlemanly code of warrior behaviors, literally the “military scholar road” — and religious ceremonies dating back as far as the third century, is sumo: Until you see a guy who is not tipping the scales at the industry average of about pounds.

The year-old Czech sumo sensation, weighing in at pounds, entered the gates to sumo through another Japanese martial art: Coming from the only place in Europe that’s as crazy about sumo as the Japanese are, Bojar’s first step into one of his country’s 10 sumo clubs came at age 17 — where it was soon evident that he was already skilled enough to win the bronze medal that year at the Junior World Sumo Championships in Tokyo. After this super-surprising win, he was accepted into the semi-secret and super-structured Naruto stable at the all-too-delicate weight of less than pounds.

But it’s not his weight at this point that’s so impressive.

6 Women Randy Orton Has Slept With in WWE